Seed Library

Borrow, Grow, Reap & Return!

The Seed Library is a free service with the goal of increasing awareness of and supporting sustainable food and gardening practices while building community.  Through seed saving and sharing, we celebrate biodiversity, nurture locally adapted plant varieties, encourage time in nature, as well as foster community connections and a culture of sharing.

What Seeds Do We Have? 

List of Seeds 2024 - Please note, this is not an updated list and some seeds may be out of stock.

Using the Seed Library

The Seed Library is located in PEPL by the public computers. 

  1. Browse and borrow seeds from the seed cabinet. Please only take as many seeds as you can grow! Each packet contains 10 - 15 seeds. 
  2. Record seeds on the log sheet
  3. Plant, grow and enjoy your harvest! Check out one of our many books on gardening and growing.
  4. Save seeds and donate them back to the library. Drop them off inside PEPL.

Information About Donating Seeds

Thank you for providing the following information when donating seeds. 

  • Plant name
  • Variety
  • Year and location where harvested
  • Any notes about the plants that would be helpful to the next person!

Please drop donated seeds at the desk to library staff. 

Web Resources for Gardening

  • Planting Calendar - Simply enter your postal code and see when and what you can plant, according to area you live in.
  • Gardening Know How - Has a bunch of information for each variety of vegetable, herbs, etc. Just type in the search engine what you are looking for.
  • Gardenia Creating Gardens - Information for all things gardening, including garden design, planting ideas, plant finder and a wealth of knowledge of growing plants and flowers. 

Please note: We cannot guarantee the quality, species, varieties of seed etc. of our donated seeds.