Open the tabs below to learn about our reoccurring and unique programs! Programs are free unless otherwise noted.

Upcoming Programs 

CPA Canada Financial Literacy

This year, we have several financial literacy programs planned! Check them out below and find what interests or is relevant to you. Call 519-595-8395 to register! 

Slay Your Taxes - Wednesday March 20th, 6pm. Develop effect strategies to minimize the amount of tax to pay, understand basic tax law, learn how to be proactive in tax planning and detailed record keeping and understand the three main categories for tax planning: reducing income subject to tax, minimizing deductions and using all allowable tax credits to save money (Intended for Post-Secondary Students). 

Managing Finances in Retirement - Wednesday, April 10th, 1:30pm. Learn why it’s so important to manage finances in retirement, develop an understanding of the art of budgeting, how to stretch your retirement resources and discuss the different stages of retirement (Intended for seniors). 

Don't Get Scammed - Wednesday, May 15th, 6:30pm. Learn what fraud is, be able to recognize common types of frauds. recognize signs of being victimized, what should you do when you are a victim of fraud and how to prepare and protect yourself from fraud (Intended for low to moderate income Canadians).

Savings and Bank Accounts - Wednesday, June 5th, 4pm. Small changes make big differences. Saving is a mindset which we have to train ourselves to develop and use when making daily financial choices (Intended for Grades 7/8). 

Alzheimer Society Huron Perth Guest Speaker

Monday, March 25th @ 11am. In partnership with Alzheimer Society Huron Perth, we're having a program on Dementia Friendly Communities: How to support those in our community with dementia presented by Christy Bannerman. There will also be a question and answer period after the talk. 

Please call 519-595-8395 to register! 

Escape Room

Jungle Edition! - Monday, March 11th 9:15 or 12:45pm & Tuesday, March 12 1:00to 4:30pm. Join us in the jungle! Last year, Natalie vanished without a trace. Today, you suddenly had a strange dream about her and a mysterious monkey statue, a status which may hold a secret to Natalie's disappearance!

Please call 519-595-8395 to claim your team's spot! 

Scientists in School 

Obey Newton: It’s the Law! - Wednesday, March 13th 1pm. Sir Isaac Newton was one smart dude! Explore Newton’s Laws of Motion as you investigate how things either move or stay put, and how every action produces a reaction. Race a waterdrop to the finish line and discover the effects of gravity on your very own tumble bunny! Ages 4-12. Call 519-595-8395 to register!


Sing to Me: Every Tuesday at 10-10:45am - Sing to Me is back! Join Pastor Sonja for a song-based program on Tuesday mornings!

Afternoon Book Club: Every 3rd Tuesday at 1-2pm - Afternoon book club features a variety of book selection and great conversation with Cindy and other book club members. Call PEPL at 519-595-8395, talk to a staff at the front desk or email us at to sign up!

Evening Book Club: Every 3rd Tuesday at 7-8pm - Evening book club also offers an array of selection and is great for people who can't make it to the library in the afternoon. Call PEPL at 519-595-8395, talk to a staff at the front desk or email us at to sign up!

Library Board Meeting: Every 2nd Tuesday - If you would like to attend a monthly library board meeting please contact Laura Bere at


Play and Learn by Early On Weekly at 9:30am-11:30am - Children birth to age 6 with their parent/caregiver: A safe play environment which allows children to explore & create with new materials, play alongside other children & learn to express their thoughts and feelings through social interactions. 

Play and Learn will not be held March 27.

Drop in Tech Tutoring: Every Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm - Need help navigating Facebook? Are you lost on how to work your email? Do you need an intro on a new device? Let PEPL help you! No appointment needed, Tech Tutoring is on a drop in basis. Please come prepared with all necessary usernames and passwords.


Community Career Centre by appointment with Jay ( / 515-591-5735) - To meet with Jay, please make an appointment by contacting him. The Career Centre at Conestoga is your one stop for personalized support. Services and resources are available at no cost to the job seeker or graduate.

YMCA Settlement Services Every 4th Thursday of the month at 9:30am-1pm (January 25th, February 22nd, March 28th, April 25th) - This free service provides immigrants all the help and support they need to begin their new lives in Canada.

Baby Time by Early On Weekly at 11:30am-1:30pm - Infants birth to 12mos of age: A time for parents/caregivers to find support & encouragement from their peers and EarlyON Facilitators in a safe and welcoming environment. This program will feature an engaging circle, giving infant and adult the time to delight together and find creative ways to use songs and puppets alongside developmental milestones!

Lego Challenge Weekly from 4:00-7:30pm - Stop in each Thursday night to try your hand a new LEGO challenge! If you wish, bring your creations to the front desk for a photo and we will post them on social media. Please note, there will be no staff supervision.