Room Rental

Our library has a bright, spacious program room that can be rented out. The Perth East Public Library Board encourages the use of the library’s program room by groups whose focus is the advancement of education and cultural opportunities.

Please read the Room Rental Policy for details on what rentals are acceptable and to complete the Room Rental Agreement which needs to be submitted with any rental request. Fees for rentals do apply.

Please note: The room can be rented outside of PEPL hours.

To inquire about renting the program room or to check availability, call the library at 519-595-8395 or email

Program Room Amenities

  • Washrooms
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Coat Rack
  • Sink
  • Coffee Urn (12-42 cups)
  • TV with HDMI hookup 
  • Blue ray DVD player
  • Wi-Fi internet

Occupant Load

  • Standing Space - 90
  • Reading & Classroom - 27
  • Non-Fixed Tables & Chairs - 52
  • Non-Fixed Seating - 66