Circulation Rules

We are now fine free!

As of April 2022, over 99% of the PCIN collections (North Perth, Perth East, St Mary's, Stratford and West Perth) are FINE FREE! 

Borrowers are still encouraged to return their materials on time. Materials will continue to have their regular loan period and will be automatically renewed up to three times if there is no waitlist. PEPL will continue to send reminders to patrons when items are overdue.

Fine Free:

The following items are now fine free:

  • Print books, books on CD, magazines, music CDs, DVD's and CNIB materials

Fines Applied:

Fines still apply to

  • Interlibrary loan (ILLO) materials
  • Book club kits
  • Special Collections including: Mobile Hotspots, Family Get Active Kits, Steam Kits, Park and Pool Passes, Nintendo Switch Console and Games, Trekking poles and Snowshoes, Cubelets and C-Pen


With Auto Renewals, items on your account will automatically renew 3 days before they are due. All library members will be signed up for Auto-Renewal but you may opt-out at any time by contacting PEPL. Most items borrowed (books, DVDs, audiobooks, music CDs) are eligible for up to 3 auto-renewals.

The following are not eligible for auto-renewal:

  • Items that have reached their renewal limit
  • Items another patron has requested to borrow (items on hold)
  • ILLO items (items borrowed from a library system outside PCIN)
  • Downloadable materials (eg. eBooks and audiobooks)
  • Special collections including: Steam Kits, Family Get Active Kits, C-Pen, Cubelets, Mobile Hotspots, Park and Pool Passes, Nintendo Switch Console

Patrons will receive a notice 3 days before their items are due indicating which items have been renewed and which have not. 

You can also check the status of your items at anytime using the online catalogue

Checking the Status of Your Items Out

You can check the status of your items at anytime using the online catalogue.

  1. Log into your account using your library card or username and your PIN (last 4 digits of your phone number)
  2. Click on My PEPL then Checked Out.
  3. You will then see the due dates of your items listed.
  4. If something is coming due, click in the checkbox beside it and click on the Renew button. 

You can also call the library at 519-519-9583 during our open hours to check your due dates and renew the items.

Email Reminders

Our Courtesy Reminder service notifies users by email that their items are due back in three days. A reminder that this is a courtesy service - returning your items on time is your responsibility.

Paying for Late Charges

You can pay for your late fees at the front desk. You can pay by cash or check.

Lost & Damaged Materials

If materials are damaged beyond use, patrons must pay the replacement cost of the item. 

If an item is 35 days overdue, it will be declared lost. Lost items remain in the PCIN system for one year and can be accepted back into the collection if found. Once an item is declared lost, a replacement fine will be generated. If the item were to be found and returned, the replacement cost will be reversed. However, there is a non-refundable $12.95 collection fee.

If your account a fine of over $10, you cannot check out items on your account until paid. If your account has outstanding fines of over $50, your account will go to collections and there is a $12.95 non-refundable fee. 

Loan Period Rules

Library MaterialLoan PeriodFine / Day
Regular Books and CD's21 Days
High Demand Books14 Days-
InterLibrary Loans21 Days1.00
Magazines and DVD's7 Days-
Book Club Kits42 Days1.00
Wonderbooks and Launchpads21 Days -
Day Passes (Park & Pool)7 Days2.00
Special Collections 7 Days1.00