Lucky Day!

Get excited! It could be your lucky day!

So What is Lucky Day?

The Lucky Day collection are fast-moving items that have no wait lists. Ebooks and audiobooks are included in the Lucky Day collection through using the Libby app.

How does it work?

If you're the lucky patron, you'll be prompted with “Its your lucky day!” and asked if you want to check out the item for a reduced loan period of 7 days. If you would prefer to have the normal, 3 week loan, you can decline the Lucky Day copy and wait for the full loan item.

What happens if I don't finish reading in the 7 days?

If you check out a Lucky Day item and don't finish reading by the time the 7 day loan is up, you won’t lose your spot on the waitlist for that item and Libby will bookmark where you left off. If you wish, however, you can remove yourself from the regular collection hold queue as a courtesy for other patrons.

Can I browse the Lucky Day collection?

No! The Lucky Day collection is purely luck!

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